Neglect can be dangerous

Many companies focus on data security on their computers, smart phones, and mobile devices. Too often, they forget to secure their printer. Printer security is little more than making sure anything with sensitive data isn’t left to sit unattended, especially if it is in a shared printer in an office.

The simplest security

Don’t let documents sit unattended at the printer. Before hitting send, consider whether the document really needs to be printed. Oftentimes, we print out documents because of habit or because we like to have a paper backup. However, once the document is printed out on paper, we usually end up stuffing it in a file drawer and rarely ever look at it again.

Why take the security risk?

Our team of professionals can advise you how to reduce security risks on printing.


Take your business to the next level

Documents are the lifeblood of any business, and its production make up for a substantial expenditure. Many organizations, however, tend to overlook the cost of their document output, or implement the wrong control measures and end up affecting business operations negatively. What you need is an output management system that can help optimize your company’s print output without compromising on quality. The SMALLSTEPS campaign last year did just that. We began by bringing awareness to the hidden costs, to implementing intelligent, automatic rules and effecting document responsibility. With uniFLOW, Canon’s output management solution, we have assisted more than 600 corporations to reduce print costs and improve profit margins significantly. And now we are ready to do more. Canon’s uniFLOW version 5 comes with new innovations that bring you beyond cost savings. Find out how our latest features can bring added security, flexibility and simplicity – all integrated into a single system.

With uniFLOW version 5.1, you can move your business forward like never before.

Active Knowledge

With uniFLOW, you can find out:
How many users are printing in black & white, or color? What proportion of your organization’s output is in color? Who are accountable for various print costs?

Intelligent Management

uniFLOW performs intelligent rules-based print-routing for cost efficiency and maximum print availability. For example, if a report has 2 pages of color and 48 pages of black and white, the color pages can be printed at a standard multifunctional device, while the main bulk is printed using a B&W-only printer. Another example would be automatic routing of print jobs of more than 5 pages away from the default desktop inkjet printer to a multifunctional device (MFD).

Secure Printing

uniFLOW’s secure printing functionality allows all users to send their sensitive documents to network printers and to have the job printed only when they are physically standing in front of the device. The user can walk to any device on the network and choose for the job to be printed immediately. This could be a device on a different floor, building, city or country.

Depending on your office needs and the current systems your organization already have in place, you can opt for a combination of:

  • PIN Code
  • Card Access
  • Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Username and password

Document Management System

As information becomes more readily available, files continue to grow larger, copies proliferate and the tasks of document management become more expensive and time consuming.  

All these can be eliminate with a document management solutions with minimal investment.

Open Bee™ Portal

Open Bee™ Portal can provide your company with a document imaging solution that will offer the following advantages and benefits:

  • Minimize Paper Storage
  • Eliminate Manual Searches
  • Improve Information Availability
  • Increase Information Security
  • Reduce Storage Costs
  • Enhance Customer Service 

Simple to deploy, Open Bee™ Portal is designed to manage documents and files originating in disparate applications and make them accessible to co-workers or geographically dispersed staff, in a secure and intuitive web browser-based user interface.


Open Bee™ Portal is a powerful tool that allows your organization to secure, share, track and manage all your office and scanned paper documents you depend on.

  • Web based document management

Open Bee™ Portal is a web-based document management solution requiring no software to install. A standard web browser will enable any users to store, organize documents online and access them where ever they are.

  • Centralisation of paper and electronic documents in a single repository

By sharing information through Open Bee Portal, users can work together more productively, even if they are based at different offices. The ability to collaborate more effectively helps increase internal efficiency and delivers better service to customers.

  • Secure right management

Powerful group and role-based security model allows for document access and action control management. Define easily who can read, modify and publish what kind of documents and enable sharing of documents between users (internal employees or external partners) with secure rights management (access, reading, editing).

  • Advanced Search

Ability to locate and retrieve documents of any format (PDF, PDF/A, Word, Excel, Email, …) in record time, through metadata indexing and best-of-breed search engine.

  • Notification and alerts

Document and folder subscription technology allows users to receive email notifications each time new information is added to the system. (Direct hyperlink to the document)

  • Workflow (Document Approval process)

Workflow technology allows users to receive email notifications when document actions are performed. Documents can then run through an automated approval processes from user to user.

  • Hyper-linking:

Hyper-linking saves the time that you would spend searching for information and retrieves this information by link-ing directly to the proper document.  For instance, you could link the MS Word answer you have written in regards of a customer letter of complaint, which is scanned and archived in PDF format.


  • Simplify your office by routing paper documents and other files (emails, word, excel,…) directly into Open Bee™ Portal, an “all-in-one” integrated solution based on a web oriented Architecture.
  • Access for an unlimited number of users/devices to connect from either inside the corporate LAN or WAN, or outside the firewall. There is absolutely no need to purchase additional Licenses.
  • Intelligible user interface that provides users with quick, powerful and secure access to all corporate information.
  • High level of customization that enables you to create, upload, change or move files and folders.
  • Easy document retrieval through one search box that covers all relevant corporate information.
  • Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a web browser.
  • Minimal administrative overhead ensuring that the cost of installing and maintaining won’t exceed the benefit.
  • Native security guarantees that access control settings are respected so that users only see the documents they have access to.
  • Scalability ensuring that your solution can easily grow over time to handle all of your corporate content.

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